Request for Qualifications - Engineering Services

The Village seeks qualifications from professional engineering firms to serve as the Village Engineer and to provide design, construction, and consulting engineering services to the Village on a variety of projects including road programs, design, construction engineering, storm water, and other engineering services, including plan review. The selected engineering firm must be capable of performing the duties and responsibilities required of a Village Engineer, including those established by section 1-7E-3 of the Campton Hills Municipal Code and by state statute and those identified in the RFQ. Click here to print the RFQ in its entirety. 

The Village of Campton Hills requests sealed responses for the provision of engineering services to the Village. Sealed responses are due Friday, April 27, 2018 at 2:00 P.M. Each consultant shall submit sealed response documents as detailed in the RFQ.

Committee Openings

The Village has openings on various committees.

If you are interested in volunteering on any of
the Committees, please click here to submit your information.

Public Works Committee
To make recommendations on matters such as road maintenance, snow plowing and other such projects.

Community Relations Committee:
To organize and promote local events and build on tradition and history by partnering with businesses, organizations, and individuals to foster community bonds.

Economic Development Committee:
To maintain the economic health of the Village and promote commercial, business, retail, and supporting services which will strengthen and/or broaden the tax base and enhance quality of life.

Water Resources
To provide guidance and input on matters related to water resources to the Village. To promote responsible, best practices, sustainable and effective use and protection of water resources.

Village issued peddlers, solicitors and mobile food vendor licenses

Solicitors and peddlers are allowed under certain conditions. They are allowed to market and sell products door-to-door in the Village unless a “No Solicitor” sign is posted on the door of the residence or business. Click here to download a "No Solicitor" sign. Any general questions regarding the Village's Code relative to peddling and soliciting should be directed to the Police Department non-emergency number at 630-584-0330, as well as solicitors in the area that do not have a permit. 

 Click here for a current list of solicitor/peddler permits issued.

  1. Garfield Farm Museum

    Green Infrastructure

    The Village of Campton Hills is concerned about protecting and maintaining the natural resources within the Village and the surrounding region. Read On...

Mission Statement:

Entrusted by its citizens, the Village of Campton Hills is dedicated to delivering municipal services in the most responsive, cost effective and efficient/proficient manner. Campton Hills is committed to upholding high quality of life standards by supporting its school districts, maintaining family values and agriculture traditions, preserving natural resources, encouraging environmental stewardship, supporting passive and active recreational opportunities, honoring rural heritage and generating a strong business foundation for present and future residents and visitors.