Police Department

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July holiday season is reason to celebrate with family and friends but it also brings the unwanted clamor of illegal fireworks being set off in the Village. 

This time of year, the Campton Hills Police Department gets inundated with calls to respond to residents setting off fireworks. Not only is it illegal, but it disrupts the peace and quiet our residents expect, stresses livestock, and can lead to injuries.  

Per 425 ILCS 35, Unlawful Possession, Sale and Use of Fireworks is a class A misdemeanor for any person to knowingly possess, use, or explode any display fireworks, flame effects, or consumer fireworks. Illinois Fireworks Use Act bans all “consumer fireworks”, which includes firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles.  In addition, possession of illegal fireworks is prohibited by Village Code, which carries with it a $75.00 ordinance violation.

So this Fourth of July holiday season, please be thoughtful to your neighbors and leave it to the professionals to entertain you with holiday fireworks. 

Employment Opportunity
Part-Time Police Officer

The Village of Campton Hills is seeking a full-time lateral entry police officer. Position is open until filled. 

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The Village of Campton Hills is seeking part-time Police Officers for the Police Department. Positions are open until filled.

The Village of Campton Hills is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Part Time Police Officer Employment Packet

Mission Statement
The Campton Hills Police Department is committed to providing our community with the highest standards of public service in order to prevent crime, enhance community safety, and protect life and property. We will treat each individual with respect and dignity, and serve the public with honor, trust, integrity, and transparency.

Vision Statement

Working in partnership with the community, we will preserve and protect the fabric of community life in the Village of Campton Hills. Together we will resolve problems, prevent crime, and enhance public safety. We vow to maintain the highest level of professionalism in our employees in order to effectively and efficiently serve our community.

Core Values
  • Honesty: We are truthful and open in our interactions with each other and with members of our community.
  • Integrity: We are honorable, trustworthy, and strive to do what is right.
  • Fairness: We treat everyone in an impartial, equitable, sensitive and ethical manner.
  • Respect: We value ourselves, each other, and members of our community, showing understanding and appreciation for our similarities and differences.
  • Reliability: We are conscientious, professional, responsible, and dependable in our dealings with each other and our community.
  • Team Work: We work together within the Department and with members of our community to achieve our goals, making use of diverse skills, abilities, roles, and views.
  • Positive Attitude: We strive to bring positive and constructive influences to our interactions with each other and our community.