Police Department

Gear up and sign up for K9 Koda's 2020 Motorcycle Fundraiser! 

Please see Event Flyer, Sponsorship Flyer, and K9 Koda apparel for sale. ALL PROCEEDS will go to supporting K9 Koda training, equipment, and replacement squad! 
CONTACT Officer James Levand for further assistance: jlevand@villageofcamptonhills.org



Overweight/Oversize Permits

You need a permit for any movement on the Village of Campton Hills maintained highway with a non-divisible load that exceeds maximum weights and dimensions which are described in Ordinance 0-19-10

Submit permit application at www.oxcartpermits.com.  If you are brand new to Oxcart Permits, you can sign up under the “Carrier” tab/link to get setup.

Stray Animals

Depending on where you live in Kane County, you may be served by your local animal control facility, your police department, a state agency, or Kane County Animal Control.  In order to handle your concern in the most efficient manner, first determine whether you live in an incorporated or unincorporated area of Kane County to make sure you contact the appropriate agency first.

Village of Campton Hills residents should contact non-emergency police at 630-584-0330. The police will handle the matter, and will contact Kane County Animal Control for assistance when necessary.  

Employment Opportunity
Part-Time Police Officer

The Village of Campton Hills is seeking a full-time lateral entry police officer. Position is open until filled. 

click here for information

The Village of Campton Hills is seeking part-time Police Officers for the Police Department. Positions are open until filled.

The Village of Campton Hills is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Part Time Police Officer Employment Packet

Mission Statement
The Campton Hills Police Department is committed to providing our community with the highest standards of public service in order to prevent crime, enhance community safety, and protect life and property. We will treat each individual with respect and dignity, and serve the public with honor, trust, integrity, and transparency.

Vision Statement

Working in partnership with the community, we will preserve and protect the fabric of community life in the Village of Campton Hills. Together we will resolve problems, prevent crime, and enhance public safety. We vow to maintain the highest level of professionalism in our employees in order to effectively and efficiently serve our community.

Core Values
  • Honesty: We are truthful and open in our interactions with each other and with members of our community.
  • Integrity: We are honorable, trustworthy, and strive to do what is right.
  • Fairness: We treat everyone in an impartial, equitable, sensitive and ethical manner.
  • Respect: We value ourselves, each other, and members of our community, showing understanding and appreciation for our similarities and differences.
  • Reliability: We are conscientious, professional, responsible, and dependable in our dealings with each other and our community.
  • Team Work: We work together within the Department and with members of our community to achieve our goals, making use of diverse skills, abilities, roles, and views.
  • Positive Attitude: We strive to bring positive and constructive influences to our interactions with each other and our community.