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Meeting Locations


Campton Twp Community Center
5N082 Old LaFox Road
Campton Hills, IL

Campton Hills Village Hall  
40W270 LaFox Road, Suite B
Campton Hills, IL 60175

  JULY 2014
4 Village Hall Closed   Campton Hills Village Hall  
9 Police Pension Fund Cancelled Campton Hills Village Hall  
12 Beautification Committee 9:00am Luau Coffee
40W301 Rt 64, Campton Hills
 15 Committee of the Whole 6:30pm Campton Twp Community Center
 15 Board Meeting 7:30pm Campton Twp Community Center
16 Fire & Police Commission 5:00pm Campton Hills Village Hall  
16 Special Police Pension Fund 2:00pm Campton Hills Village Hall  


Economic Development Committee Cancelled Old Towne Restaurant
40W290 LaFox Rd  Campton Hills
 23 Community Relations 7:00pm Campton Twp Community Center
24 Zoning Board 7:30pm Campton Twp Community Center
28 Plan Commission Cancelled Campton Twp Community Center
29 Joint Environmental Committee Cancelled Campton Twp Community Center
29 Water Resources Committee Cancelled Campton Twp Community Center

Village of Campton Hills      40W270 LaFox Road, Suite B     Campton Hills, IL    60175
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