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October 25, 2008


Dear Residents,

Last May, former Village Trustee Roy Pollack emailed me after seeing Brenda Schory's Kane County Chronicle article titled, ZIP codes plentiful in Campton Hills. He stated that "Campton Hills" could be recognized as an acceptable name for the 5 different zip codes that cover our area. Mr. Pollack contacted the US Postal Service and with my approval requested that their software be updated to "recognize" the Village of Campton Hills because this action would prevent delay from hand delivery or the possibility of mail being returned to the sender if someone used the name Campton Hills in the last line of the address. Everyone's address is still the same, but after the USPS software updates, residents may use Campton Hills in the last line if they choose with their current zip code.

The Village Board has never discussed requesting the USPS assign a separate zip code for Campton Hills. To verify that both addresses will be "recognized," go to http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/citytown_zip.jsp and type in 60175 (or your current zip code) and if the USPS software has been updated, you will see the screen say: 

Actual City name in 60175: SAINT CHARLES, IL

Acceptable City names in 60175: CAMPTON HILLS, IL, ST CHARLES, IL

Not Acceptable: LILY LAKE, IL

According to today's Kane County Chronicle article, the USPS is still in the process of updating their software for those who have Elburn and Elgin zip codes.

The USPS recognizes Campton Hills and the name assigned to the zip code (St. Charles-60175, Elburn-60119, etc.) and you may use whichever name you prefer because the computer will recognize either one.

In the last few days however, we have learned that there may be a problem with the software at some of the mailing houses recognizing both names. We have also been told by a couple of residents that the USPS is now recognizing Campton Hills as the "official" address. On Monday, we will look into this situation and will report back to the residents when we have more information.

If you have heard of anyone that had a specific issue with a mailing house, please email me at: president@villageofcamptonhills.org. I am sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

Patsy Smith

  October 27, 2008

Dear Residents,

I spoke to a representative of the US Postal Service this morning and they are
in the process of reversing the name "Campton Hills" as the preferred last
line in the 60175 zip code. It is my understanding that this will be completed
this afternoon, but that it may take up to four weeks for the mailing houses to
catch up with the correction.

The USPS is in the process of updating the other 4 zip codes that cover our area
to show Campton Hills as an "acceptable" last line and that may take several
more weeks to complete.

Again, your mailing address has not changed and the USPS database will reflect
that by the end of the week. Those in 60175 who prefer to use Campton Hills as
your last line address may continue to do so.Once the USPS updates the
other 4 zip codes in our area to recognize Campton Hills, those residents will
also have the choice of using Campton Hills in their address.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Patsy Smith

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