The Village of Campton Hills  is  aware of the growing concern surrounding COVID-19. Here at the Village Hall, the utmost priority is to support YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR BUSINESSES. However, we also recognize that the need to maintain a healthy team of employees and Officers, as it is paramount to fulfill the needs of the Community. With that said, the Village of Campton Hills has closed access to the Village Hall Lobby. Nearly all services normally available in-person at the Village Hall will temporarily be handled over the phone, via email, or sent through standard mail services.  The Village Hall will NOT be allowing the public access to the building at this time, for ANY reason. The decision was made in the community’s best interest, as the Village continues to consult with Public Health officials and County/State leaders throughout this time.  Minimizing employee interactions with the Public is just one more step to in being precautionary through the time period of COVID-19. To contact the Village Staff, you can still call 630-584-5700 or 630-524-6250.


Important details about the positions:

  • A local hire’s term of employment is 120 days. Appointments may be extended, in 120-day increments, for a maximum 365-day appointment, based on the needs of the disaster.
  • Travel or moving expenses are not authorized.
  • Successful hires will be assigned to and work within one of 23 Cadres, which are groups of personnel organized by operational function and FEMA Qualification System (FQS) position.
  • Cadre assignments will be based on an individual candidate’s skills and experience.

FEMA is seeking candidates with experience in delivering Stafford Act Public Assistance grant funding.

In this position, the incumbent will report to the Public Assistance Program Delivery Task Force Lead and serve as the primary point of contact for the applicant. Typical assignments include:

  • Facilitating the delivery of Public Assistance grant funding on behalf of Applicants; this includes (but is not limited to) developing the list of damaged sites, scheduling site inspections, summarizing applicant damages, and coordinating requests for information and questions.
  • Working with the applicants to resolve their program related needs ensuring projects are processed as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.
  • Tracking and communicating the progress of all projects through the entire program delivery model in coordination with the Applicant.
  • Engaging program offices as soon as potential opportunities or concerns arise.
  • Discussing potential Hazard Mitigation opportunities with the Applicant.
  • Hosting key information meetings ensuring recovery priorities and program eligibility requirements are communicated.
  • Gathering all required documentation to enable FEMA to write grants so the applicant can be returned to their Pre-Disaster condition as soon as possible.

Again, all hiring is conducted via This announcement will close at 11:59 pm Eastern Time (ET) on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 OR at 11:59 pm ET on the day the application limit is received, whichever comes first.


Click here to access information and the application in regards to the COVID-19 Emergency Grant Assistance Program

Hard Copies of the entire packet are also available in the entryway of the Village Hall, should you prefer to pick one up. When you walk into the entryway of the Village Hall there is a bench on the right hand side, packets will be available on the bench. 



 If you are currently concerned with a STORM-WATER/DRAINAGE issue at your property, please complete the form BELOW. Thank you. 

Click here to complete the "Storm water/Drainage Report a Concern Form"



YOU can sign up for Community Counts at: 

All it takes to sign up is a valid email address. If you would like Ashley Gregory, Executive Assistant, to help you sign up just call the Village at (630) 524-6250.





So far our self response rate on the Census is excellent.

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It is so important that you respond so that we have adequate funding for the services that are most important to you- our community.  The village’s largest revenue sources come from per capita funding from the State of Illinois.  An accurate population count is critical.  If you have not yet gone online to respond please do so at  



DRAFT Zoning Code - Project

The DRAFT Zoning Code is NOW available for public review. To read more about the project, including information on how to comment go here.   The Consultant, Camiros, Ltd, has provided two maps for the project.  One is a Proposed Zoning Map Draft.  The second is a map of Areas of Change Draft.  Both maps on public display at the Village Hall during regular business hours. 

For comparison, the current zoning code and zoning map are available for reference.  There are also zoning section detail maps available

NOTE: This a DRAFT document that has NOT been adopted by the Village Board.  Presently the Village is seeking public input on the DRAFT Code and the related zoning maps.  There is NO set date, at this time, as to when the Village Board will consider changes to the existing zoning code.  Further, the required public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission has NOT been scheduled at this time either.

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Mission Statement:

Entrusted by its citizens, the Village of Campton Hills is dedicated to delivering municipal services in the most responsive, cost effective and efficient/proficient manner. Campton Hills is committed to upholding high quality of life standards by supporting its school districts, maintaining family values and agriculture traditions, preserving natural resources, encouraging environmental stewardship, supporting passive and active recreational opportunities, honoring rural heritage and generating a strong business foundation for present and future residents and visitors. 

Campton Hills Ranks 1st in Illinois in latest Ranking

According to Campton Hills has been named Illinois’ safest community.

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