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New Village Website

Village of Campton Hills has a New Website

The Village of Campton Hills has launched a new website to go along with the New Year.
The website ( contains features that make the former one look ancient by comparison.

We are very excited about our new website. It is more user-friendly, better organized and allows for quicker, easier access to timely information.

The new website features “Community Voice”. This new feature paves the way for our residents to submit ideas and suggestions directly through our website, and to have detailed and organized discussions around local issues.

In addition, the new website also includes an upgrade for users of mobile devices. The previous website wasn't responsive to fit the screens of mobile devices, necessitating users to zoom in and out; the new website responds to fit the screen of the device.
Additionally, the new website includes forms that are fill-able on-line and submitted, which makes submitting forms as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Finally, the new website includes an improved calendar, where village events are displayed.

We are excited to share the new website with our constituents. Please make sure to click on “Notify Me” to register your email to receive Village E-news and E-Alerts.

We are still formatting and developing pages and are open to input from the public regarding any suggested improvements to the site content. Getting public input will ensure we get this right. 

Secretary of State

License Plate Renewal 
The Illinois Secretary of State has suspended the mailing out of vehicle registration renewal reminder notices to Illinois motorists, due to the lack of a state budget. By suspending this service, which will save approximately $450,000 per month, the office will be able to prolong the ability to mail vehicle registration renewal stickers, titles and license plates to vehicle owners for a few months longer before the postage account is depleted. Motor vehicle owners whose registration will soon expire are advised to follow the steps below.
To sign up to have a renewal notification sent to you by email follow these steps

  • Go to the Secretary of State Website
  • On the right side of page click on the box that says “Email my renewal notice.”
  • Provide your Registration ID & Pin number located on your current License Registration Card
  • Then click submit
Recylcle your holiday lights

Recycle Your Old Holiday Lights

Last Day To Drop Off
Have your holiday lights lost their twinkle? The Village of Campton Hills will be collecting disgarded holiday lights for recycling.
Lights will be collected through January 15, 2016 at Village Hall, 40W270 LaFox Road.

Glenwood Academy/Maxxam Partners

Public Hearing 
There will be a public hearing on January 19, 2016 located at the Kane County Branch Court, 530 S. Randall Rd, St. Charles, IL, at 7:00 p.m. All interested parties are able to attend the public hearing regarding this petition. 
click "Zoning Petitions." 
Select #4364 to view the documents in the folder.

CamptonTownship Highway District

Snow Removal
The Campton Township Highway District clears all roads within the Village of Campton Hills, including roads in Plato Township which are in the Village of Campton Hills. In addition, the Highway District is responsible for snow plowing on all unincorporated roads (roads not in the Village) within Campton Township.

The Campton Township Highway District crews begin their snow plowing whenever 1-2 inches of snow have accumulated and snow is still falling. The objective is to clear all roads within 10 hours after the snow stops falling. However, heavier snow may take additional time to remove.

The Highway District divides the roads into 3 priority levels based on traffic volume and potential safety concerns. Arterials such as Campton Hills Road, Anderson Road, Bolcum Road, Old Burlington Road, Beith Road, Harley Road, Old LaFox Road, and Pouley Road, Fox Mill Blvd. along with McDonald Road in Plato Township.

Crew begin Priority Two snow plowing which include main roads through subdivisions, roads that link to arterials and roads with schools located on them. Priority Three roads such as minor residential roads, side roads and cul-de-sacs and dead end roads are then plowed.

All roads within the Campton Highway District’s jurisdiction are salted in response to snow or ice: which takes approximately 4 hours for each plow driver to completely salt and plow his or her individual route.
It is the responsibility of the residents, property owners and in some cases, homeowners associations.

The Village of Campton Hills’ ordinance on all Village roads prohibits vehicles parked on all Village roads after 2 inches of snow has fallen.

To report mailbox damage, call the Highway District’s office at 630-365-9300.

Waste Management
Frozen lids

Frozen Trash Containers?

Cold Temperatures
During winter months, fluctuating temperatures can cause moisture to build up in your trash and freeze the contents inside your roll off container or compactor. Waste Management significantly invests in rock salt and other preventative maintenance practice to help your equipment operate efficiently each winter. Unfortunately, due to unstable temperatures, this does not always work.
When dig outs or extra processing is required, your account will be subject to an additional $75 dig out charge per container.
1. Keep your trash dry:  Eliminate any/all liquids being thrown into your container or compactor.
2. Reconsider your container location: Placing containers closer to building may help keep containers warmer and/or provide overhang protection to help keep snow off/out of your container.
3. Increase your service frequency: If you are experiencing repeated dig out charges, increasing your service frequency might be a more cost effective solution for you.
Please feel free to contact our Customer Service through appreciate your business!

Featured Business of the Month
Featured Business of the Month
Zwier Digital Arts
Zwier Digital Arts

Zwier Digital Arts

Maureen Zwier has been creating unique artwork for homes, offices and art galleries from her home-based business in Campton Hills since moving here in 2010. Her art represents her personal journey to discover the deepest essence of both landscapes and living things. A former microbiologist, she traded her microscope for a camera and then turned to digital art when she found there was so much more to her subjects than could be captured by a lens alone. Her mandala series has been featured in galleries, at art shows and online as part of a number of nationally recognized juried exhibitions, and is currently on display as part of internationally-known plastic surgeon Dr. Stephan Dayan's art-enriched office space in downtown Chicago.
Maureen started creating mandalas in 2012 as part of an experiment to see if she could find more depth in her photographic subjects. The almost meditative process of manipulating images to create new designs helped her settle on the mandala as the perfect shape and symbol of how the inner richness of nature could be expressed in an abstract as well as literal way. The honeysuckle mandala shown above (original image at left, finished mandala at right) is a perfect example of how an original photo can be transformed into a lively and new design that retains the original subject’s spirit and complements your décor.
You can see and purchase all of Maureen’s mandalas through Chicago area art fairs in the summer months or online any time at

Maureen Zwier
(630) 290-5983

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming Village Meetings

Fire and Police Commission - January 13, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

Economic Development Committee - January 20, 2016, 12:30 p.m.

See the Village's website at for meeting details and cancellations.

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