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Volunteers – The heart of the community
Economic Development Committee 

Do you like working with people? Are you an innovative thinker that likes to brainstorm to develop new ideas? Do you like being a part of a great team? Do you like to give back to the community you live in? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Economic Dvelopement Committee is for you.

The Village currently has openings on the Economic Development Committee.

The EDC is charged with maintaining the economic health of the Village and promote commercial, business, retail, and supporting services which will strengthen and/or broaden the tax base and enhance  quality of life.

If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, please click here to submit your information.

Steve Millar

Campton Hills New Police Chief

The Village of Campton Hills is pleased to announce Steven M. Millar as its next Chief of Police, taking over for Chief Dan Hoffman who is retiring May 31, 2018.  Officer Millar, who is who is currently working as a full time Campton Hills Police Officer, was chosen from an applicant pool of 36 candidates.  Officer Millar has been with the Village for five years.  Before joining Campton Hills, he served 25 years as a Police Officer for the Village of Streamwood.  Officer Millar retired from Streamwood in October 2013. 

Officer Millar’s responsibilities at Streamwood included D.A.R.E. Officer, Juvenile Officer, Accident Reconstructionist, Court Liaison, Crime Prevention, Community Relations Officer and Investigator.  Officer Millar was also selected in 1996 to supervise a 62-man team responsible for providing security at several of the Atlanta Olympic Games locations. 

Since joining Campton Hills, Officer Millar has worked as a Too Good for Drugs (TGFD) Instructor and has been instrumental in developing the village’s citizen police academy program.

Officer Millar has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Benedictine University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. 
e an officer with Steve Millar’s qualification and experience.  Not only does he have tremendous amount of law enforcement experience having worked in a larger community and department, but his integrity is second to none and his people skills are exceptional.” stated Village President Harry Blecker. 


Waste Management

Fixed Yard Waste/Refuse Stickers

Service stickers are available at the following locations for $2.85:

Jewel – 2073 Prairie Street – St. Charles
Jewel – 800 N Main St. – St. Charles
Jewel – 375 Randall Rd – South Elgin
Meijer – 855 S. Randall Rd – St. Charles
Caputos Fresh Market – 622 Randall Rd – South Elgin
The Outpost – 40W299 – Route 64 Campton Hills 

No leaf burning

Open Burning
Landscape Waste

Spring seems to have finally arrived. With the arrival of the warmer weather, yard clean up is underway. The Police have been very busy this week responding to calls of residents burning landscape waste. Listed below is an exert from the Village Code regarding burning in the Village.

Any and all burning in the village shall be in accordance with the following restrictions:

         1.  The open burning of brush shall occur only on the property upon which the brush                was generated subject to the following restrictions:

a. Burning is permitted only on sunny days between nine o'clock (9:00)            A.M. and three o'clock (3:00) P.M.

b. Burning is not permitted when the wind is in excess of ten (10)              miles per hour

c. Burning is not permitted within twenty feet (20') of any building, structure,      property line, or combustible material. 

d. Burning is not permitted when it is determined and announced by the              county health department that inversion conditions or an ozone alert exists.

e. Brush shall be dry when burned.

f. Burning is not permitted on public or private roads, alleys, sidewalks or           easements.

g. All open burning must be supervised until the fire is extinguished.

h. A fire extinguisher or garden hose or water source shall be available at            the burning site.

i. It is the responsibility of the individual conducting the burning and                   the owner of the property to satisfactorily determine that there is                   compliance  with all conditions upon burning as noted in this subsection C1       during any burning.

2. The terms and provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any burning of                  prairie plants for purposes of habitat reclamation; provided, that those                      performing controlled prairie burning must receive the proper permits from their        fire protection district, if applicable, and notify the village police department.

3. The terms and provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the burning of brush          for purposes of domestic fireplaces or cooking or external fireplaces, or to self-          contained outdoor wood burning devices or fireplaces. 

4. Notwithstanding subsection C1c of this section, the remaining terms and                    provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the open burning of brush for                  purposes of recreational fires. 

5. The terms and provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the open burning of          brush for purposes of ceremonial fires; provided, that notice of any                          ceremonial fire has been given to the fire protection district, if applicable, serving      the area where the fire is to take place as well as notification to the village                police department. Failure to notify the applicable fire protection district and              police department and obtain permission prior to conducting a ceremonial fire            utilizing brush shall be deemed a violation of this chapter.

6. The open burning of landscape waste and/or other materials, with the          exception of brush, is prohibited in the village except for those living  within      the 60119 U.S. postal service zip code. If the state of Illinois expands its vehicle        emission testing program to include the 60119 zip code, this prohibition shall            automatically apply to the area included in the vehicle emission testing program.        The open burning of landscape waste shall be subject to the provisions of                  subsection C1 of this section. (2013 Code § 7-2-2) LANDSCAPE WASTE                  is defined as all accumulations of cut grass or shrubbery                                        cuttings, leaves, flowers, and weeds.

Memorial day Closed

Boards & Committees Meetings

Upcoming Village Meetings

Click here for a complete FY 2018-2019 meeting calendar.

Committee/Commission       Day of the week           Time           Location

Village Board                          1st and 3rd Tuesday       7:00pm       Campton Township    Community Center 

Community Relations              4th Wednesday              7:00pm       Village Hall

Economic Development          3rd Wednesday             12:30pm      Village Hall

Finance Committee                 4th Wednesday             7:00pm        Village Hall

Plan Commission                    4th Monday                    7:00pm       Campton Township      Community Center for Public Hearings

                                                                                                          Village Hall for all
Public Works                          1st Wednesday (quarterly) 6:30pm        Village Hall

Fire and Police Commission  3rd Wednesday (quarterly) 5:00pm        Village Hall

Police Pension Fund              2nd Wednesday (quarterly) 2:00pm        Village Hall

Water Resources                   4th Tuesday (quarterly)       7:30pm       Village Hall

Village Hall                                                     Campton Township Community Center
40W270 LaFox Road, Ste B                          5N082 Old LaFox Road
Campton Hills, IL 60175                                Campton Hills, IL 60175

Visit the Village's website at
for meeting details and cancellations.

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